Equine and canine treatment

Neurocryostimulation enables temperatures to drop from 32 to 4°C in 30 seconds, thanks to a cooling power of -78°C and 50 bars of pressure (CO2). Thermal shock is immediate, stimulating skin receptors which send a powerful, rapid message to the brain, triggering an immediate natural reflex response.

Pain-relieving effect

Managing inflammatory crises

Vasomotor effect: rapid drainage of haematomas and oedemas

Muscle relaxation

The application of Cryoscreen provides an immediate pain-relieving effect, treating the inflammatory crisis with a real alternative to medication, an immediate vasomotor effect to drain haematomas and oedemas, and muscle relaxation facilitating rapid return to mobility. Cryonic Medical specializes in the development of innovative technologies for animal health professionals:




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Thanks to Cryoscreen functions, you can visualize and control temperature drop and thermal shock during application, ensuring total safety.


To optimize the use and results of Cryoscreen, compulsory pre-use training is provided by NCS specialists.


Cryonic Medical is ISO 9001 - ISO 13485 certified. All our devices comply with current medical standards. (CE mark)

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discover the possibilities


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