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The Cryoscreen is a neurocryostimulation device that integrates a thermal camera to visualize the temperature and heat zones to be treated on a screen. Its display, CO2 jet at -78°c and 50 bar pressure make it a real tool for detection, targeting and rapid action.



Thanks to an on-board thermal camera and high-performance display, you can measure the temperature remotely and visualize the heat zones to be treated.



A wide range of options means it can be used in a variety of working environments and fields of activity.



Its ergonomics, size and accessories mean it can be used in any situation, anywhere. Performance is made possible by precise measurement.



Cryonic Medical is ISO 9001 - ISO 13485 certified. All our devices comply with current medical standards. (CE mark)

Discover Cryoscreen®

Cryonic Medical has developed a Neurocryostimulation System (NCS) for a wide range of applications:
Cryoscreen, your cold treatment tool.

Cryoscreen® Technology

The Cryoscreen device combines high technology and comfort for optimum use. 
Discover its complete technical composition.

High-pressure nozzle

A jet of CO2 at 50 bar pressure and -78°C outlet. The aluminum nozzle ensures a pure CO2 jet for improved treatment comfort. Other nozzles are available to vary pressure and enable treatment of sensitive areas or facial zones.

Ergonomic gun

Getting to grips with comfort. Ideally designed for optimal treatment.

LED display

View the colorimetry of the areas to be treated live on screen. The ON/OFF button takes a picture of the screen. Visualize skin temperature, control heat shock and treatment time.

Data transfer

Transfer photo data and recharge your device via its USB connection.

Thermal camera

Immediately target the area to be treated with the built-in thermal camera. Diagnostic and thermal assessment assistance at your disposal.

Safety trigger

A simple press displays the screen and provides thermal vision. More pressure triggers the projection of CO2 microcrystals.

Outdoor use

IP22: this device is waterproof for safe outdoor use.

Autonomous and portable

The device is lightweight and easy to transport in its case. It's totally autonomous, thanks to its rechargeable mains battery or optional external Power Bank. Once connected to the bottle, the unit is ready to use, requiring no special preparation or start-up.

Therapeutics & sports

Clinics, hospitals, sports clubs: this system is tailored to your needs. Physiotherapists, rheumatologists, chiropodists, osteopaths or general practitioners: discover the indications for NCS to treat acute or chronic pathologies.

Therapeutics & sports

Clinics, hospitals, private practices, sports clubs: this system is tailored to your needs. Physiotherapists, rheumatologists, chiropodists, osteopaths or general practitioners: discover the indications for NCS to treat acute or chronic pathologies.

Equine & canine

Veterinary practices: this system is adapted to your structures. Veterinary practitioners, trainers and breeders: Discover the indications for NCS to treat acute or chronic pathologies naturally, quickly and painlessly.

Beauty & Aesthetics

Care centers, estheticians, beauty salons, thermal baths and spas: this device, with its dedicated CryoFace nozzle, is ideal for your facilities. Aesthetic practitioners: the facial application will bring your customers convincing results and immediate well-being.


Mobile device

Thanks to its different CO2 cylinder formats, Cryoscreen can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its various accessories and nozzle types make it easy to use and perfectly suited to any situation.

Pedestal table

Allows quick and easy transport of the entire device (appliance and gas cylinders) with a modern, streamlined design.

Plexiglass support

Lightweight and airy, it can be attached to any surface thanks to its suction cups, allowing the Cryoscreen to be placed on the surface for easy, safe handling.

Variable nozzles

Allows you to vary the pressure and profile of the jet according to the areas to be treated or the effects required.

neurocryostimulation (NCS)

How does it work?

The stripping power of CO2 microcrystals at -78°C, combined with the speed of temperature descent and the vibration caused by the jet, produces a high-intensity reaction known as TERMIC SHOCK.

Unlike conventional cold techniques, NCS is not a known stimulus for exteroceptors. As a result, the reflex neurovegetative response that forms the basis of NCS treatment will be totally different.

It regulates local homeostasis through mechanical and enzymatic action. Effective results are achieved by potentiating analgesic and vasomotor effects, combined with a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

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The neurovegetative reflex

Once activated, skin receptors send an alert message to the brain. It responds immediately via the reflex neurovegetative system.

Physiological effects

The technique acts on enzymes, the vascular and lymphatic system and stimulates skin receptors: 
– Immediate pain relief
– Limits inflammatory crisis
– Drains haematomas and oedemas thanks to its vasomotor effect vasomotor effect
– Triggers immediate muscle relaxation


Cryonic Medical is ISO 9001 - ISO 13485 certified. All its equipment complies with current medical standards. Mandatory pre-use training is provided by NCS specialists. It allows you to optimize results and work in complete safety.

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