-78°c in your hands

Cryonic Medical specializes in the design and manufacture of neurocryostimulation products that, thanks to very low temperature (CO2 at -78°C), allow to offer complete treatments in several applications.

therapeutics & sport

Clinics, hospitals, sports clubs, private practice: this device is suitable for your healthcare practice. Physiotherapists, rheumatologists, podiatrists, osteopaths or general practitioners: discover the indications of the NCS to treat acute or chronic pathologies.

equine & canine

Veterinary cabinets: this device is suitable for your structures. Veterinarian practitioners, coaches and breeders: Discover the indications of the NCS to treat naturally quickly and without pain acute or chronic pathologies.

beauty & aesthetics

Beauty centres, beauty salons, spa centres and spas: this device thanks to a dedicated Cryoface nozzle is suitable for your business. Aesthetics practitioners: The face application will satisfy your clients with concrete results and immediate well-being.

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