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Cryonic Medical has developed services tailored to the needs of professionals in France and abroad. Depending on the professional constraints of each, Cryonic is able to adapt to optimize the results of the technique.

“Thermal shock” is the key to cryotherapy efficiency. However, it can only be created with a cold below -60°. Naturally, this type of cold does not exist, it cannot be produced without gas, so it is not possible to be effective without consumable. The recommended gas is Liquid Medical CO2 which, by expansion into the air, will produce a constant temperature of -78°C. The cylinders must therefore be equipped with PLUNGER TUBE as we must use the liquid phase of the gas.

CO2 is easy to use, pleasant, reliable and manageable.

• The physical and chemical properties at the service of your practice and patient comfort: The gas is pure, dry and bacteriostatic. Therefore it is very comfortable and can be used around wounds or after surgery, in total aseptic and without softening of the tissues.
• Storage: Bottles should be stored in a dry place away from hot springs (whirlpools). It is neither flammable nor dangerous.
• Eco-responsibility: the CO2 used comes from a recycling of combustion. It is purified and cleaned before being compressed into our bottles. Therefore, there is no pollution when using the technique.

In France, we offer two types of bottles: The standard bottles of 10 kilos of CO2 and the smallest bottles (1 to 2 kilos) for the portable device. All bottles are refillable. Cryonic medical’s logistics department is extremely efficient, in fact, we are able to deliver all of France in 48-72 hours by taking back the empty bottles. The traceability of the bottles is checked and the bottles are regularly refurbished.

You can order your bottles at gaz@cryonic-medical.com
Abroad, CO2 is available from all gas suppliers. Cryonic Medical works with many local distributors who advise users.

In France, Cryonic Medical provides training to the users of its equipment so that everyone can optimize the use of the NCS and offer it in a way that is adapted to their patients. The professional gesture and the valuation of knowledge are fundamental points in the use of this technique.

In metropolitan France, a half-day training course is offered by a Neurocryostimulation specialist who:
• Recall the principles of Neurocryostimulation, its function and effects.
• Understand and define the type of pathology being treated.
• Practical applications and technical gesture – patient treatments.

An internship certificate is issued following the half-day of training. It can be offered at the Cryonic Medical headquarters in Besançon (25,000-FR), at your premises or at specialized NCS centres throughout France.


International partners are present in many countries and are accredited by the company Cryonic Medical to offer training to their customers, users of the Neurocryostimulation technique. Certificates are issued by Cryonic Medical at the end of the course.

Many patients ask us for the contact information of trained practitioners in order to benefit from our technique; our list is therefore regularly updated! In addition, relays of health professionals, by specialty and users of the NCS for many years are at your service to meet any particular demand.

Every year, a certifying body monitors companies that manufacture medical devices. They must comply with European medical standards and meet the requirements of the directives and regulations in force.
Thanks to the rigor of its system, its team and the commitment of each partner, Cryonic Medical has several certifications and approvals to be able to sell its medical devices in different international markets and in all hospitals:
• Certification: ISO 9001 – ISO 13485

Do not hesitate to check the CE Medical marking of the devices you use. In case of an incident, your insurer will ask you.

In France:
CRYONIC MEDICAL offers you a service technician who specializes in CRYONIC MEDICAL devices.
The online service, allows to identify the fault, if there is one, and to pay it by telephone in the majority of cases. If the diagnosis requires intervention, several solutions are offered with the possibility of sending a loan device during the duration of the intervention. The responsiveness of this service is a strength of Cryonic Medical.

In other countries:
Equipment distributors – resellers are trained to answer all technical questions. In case of any particular problem, they can take over with our engineers or you can send your request directly to the technical address@cryonic-medical.com 
Skype video support is also possible.

CRYONIC MEDICAL funds the WEEE Pro Recycling Line, which includes free lighting electrical equipment, monitoring and control equipment, and used medical devices (More information on www.ecosystem.com).

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